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About Alli

Alli originally studied psychology and worked in large institutional settings for a number of years. She later felt the need to be able to work within a more flexible and personal framework, so she completed firstly a Diploma of Applied Science in Counselling, followed by a Graduate Diploma, and finally a Masters Degree.

Approximately thirty years ago, Alli helped to establish a counselling service in Beenleigh, Queensland, where she was the inaugural counsellor and ran community-based groups and workshops. She later worked for three years as a lecturer for a private training provider in counselling, before moving back to a community agency.

Alli joined Youth & Families Association in Pine Rivers (Queensland) as a support counsellor, before taking over the role as Senior Counsellor and Coordinator which she held for six years. During that time, she supported hundreds of teenagers, adults, couples and families covering a wide range of issues such as addictions, family breakdown and abuse issues to name a few.

Alli is keen to offer her services as counsellor in an area outside of the major cities, as rural communities are frequently overlooked and under-resourced. Having been born in a small, remote town and raised in a rural city, she brings insight and compassion to the unique challenges facing country people.

Having offered support for long term, intense, and severe issues, as well as everyday challenges, Alli is comfortable with working with people from every walk of life. She has been married for more than forty years and is the mother of adult children and has the life experience to support her formal qualifications.

For help and support with a variety of issues, contact Alli at Point Of Change Counselling to make an appointment.

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