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Mental Health Issues

"Bill" lives his life feeling scared. He is always watching others to see who is watching him and he finds that someone always is. Not surprisingly, Bill finds it very difficult to trust anyone, even his closest family members who have had him committed to involuntary hospital care on several occasions. He prefers to live alone, but because he cannot hold a job and doesn't trust government departments, he doesn't claim benefits. This leaves him with little option but to live with reluctant relatives. He barricades himself in one room, only opening the door to receive meals. Bill is aware that he is viewed as "an oddball", "a misfit", even "retarded", which only adds to his sense of mistrust and self rejection.

We all know someone who is affected by mental health issues: this is inevitable since approximately 20% of the Australian population wrestles with some form of mental illness. It occurs across both genders, all races, every socio-economic group, and is increasingly being experienced by younger people. Education, wealth and status does not protect people from experiencing mental health issues.

At Point of Change Counselling, we believe it is time that we took a stand against the faulty beliefs which only add to the difficulties experienced by this group. If we continue to believe that mental illness is caused by poor choices such as substance abuse, or only affects the weak-willed, or that every affected person is dangerous, then we become part of the problem.

Mental health issues can show up as:

  • Depression (including short-term and post natal)
  • Anxiety (right through to panic attacks)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictions
  • Behavioural disorders

and other forms.

While medication is often a crucial part of treatment, it is not the only option. A counsellor can help those dealing with mental illness, and those supporting them, through talk therapy. Providing a safe, strictly confidential environment where people are free to talk about the things that are important to them, in the way that they see them, can bring freedom. Where there is no judgement and no pressure to follow a particular course of action, there is the opportunity for individuals to grow.

If you need support with mental health issues, contact Alli at Point Of Change Counselling to make an appointment.

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