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Grief & Loss

Unlike many other issues in life which may cause us pain, we usually don't choose the episodes of grief and loss. Their power to impact us lies in their frequently unexpected arrival: we may not receive any prior warning and are consequently caught largely unprepared. Often our responses arise from simply seeking to survive and attempting to make any kind of sense from the grief and loss we are facing, which may not serve us well.

We can resort to behaviours which actually work against our recovery, such as isolation or developing addictions to numb the pain, but eventually the grief and loss needs to be faced and dealt with in a way which opens the door to healing. This process is where counselling can be invaluable.

One of the main things to recognise about grieving is that it is a highly individual process. No two people experience it in exactly the same way, which can leave us feeling totally isolated and misunderstood, even by those we thought were closest to us.

This brings its own additional grief and, without healthy, helpful support, we can find ourselves well and truly stuck. Counselling can be of great benefit here, since it helps you to explore the unique ways YOU need to work through your grief, without being processed via a "one size fits all" approach.

Triggers For Grief & Loss

These are many and varied, but may include:

Counselling and Grief & Loss

For help and support with grief and loss, contact Alli at Point Of Change Counselling to make an appointment.

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