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We live in a highly addictive world. The days are long gone when we can limit addictions to drugs and alcohol. Most of us are impacted by some form of addiction, but many of us have not yet realised it. Ask yourself, "Is there something which I could not imagine doing without in my life?" There are as many potential answers as there are people, because one thing is certain, the face of addiction is changing.

Not all addictions are harmful: we may relentlessly pursue healthy eating or exercise or philanthropy, but the challenge occurs when we have a recurring pattern in our lives which is damaging to us or others, but we find ways to justify continuing it.

It is often difficult to acknowledge an addiction because society has programmed us to feel shame and rejection when we are unable to control an aspect of our life. We may buy into common false beliefs that only weak-willed, selfish or uneducated people become addicted. This is made worse when we feel the results of our lack of control are easily seen by others, such as being significantly over or under weight for example.

But let's face it, we become addicted because we are rewarded in some way by making that choice. The rewards may not always be clear to us, or may not make sense to others, but we only continue to do those things which come with some sort of pay off for us.

Counselling & Addictions

  • A counsellor can help you identify the possible psychological, physical and social aspects which may have led to your addiction. Knowing how something developed is the first step in beginning to undo it.
  • Counselling can guide you towards setting goals and strategies, exactly tailored to your individual situation, which will help you begin the journey away from addiction.
  • At Point of Change Counselling, we provide a supportive, completely non-judgemental environment in which you can explore the impact of your family history, life issues and even your personality, on your current challenges.
  • Counselling is all about helping you get back in control of your life, which includes learning how to take appropriate personal responsibility, deal with anxiety and stressors, learn new ways of coping as well as attending to your self care and self esteem needs.

Finally, if you are looking for help in coping with an addiction in someone close to you, then counselling can be beneficial in helping you establish a support network, assessing how you may be enabling your loved one to continue their addiction, and developing healthier ways of responding.

For help with addictions, contact Alli at Point Of Change Counselling to make an appointment.

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